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Jun 09, 2022


A Comprehensive Guide on Complete Auto Detailing Service

At Creative Car Care, we have got all your queries cleared. However, most of the car owners have a common question- what is the difference between car detailing and car wash?

We think that for most of the non-car lovers,  car washing and car detailing are the same. However, car enthusiasts choose the service of car detailing service to get their car repaired very often and the car detailing expert to perform smaller changes to make the car look best always.

So, to provide the right information about the detailing, here we have come up with a guide that includes all the essential knowledge regarding the car exterior and interior detailing and why the process is beneficial. Once you get the idea on complete car detailing, you will never go back to normal car washing.

What Is Car Detailing Service?

Car detailing means cleaning the car from top-to-bottom by using specialised tools and procedures. Even at times, the auto detailing expert also provides the minor cosmetic touch-ups on the vehicle. However, this process does not include painting or anybody repairs. Car detailing includes washing and reconditioning both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The main aim of this process is to restore the paint of the car by removing scratches and dents to make the car look great and brand new.

Simple car wash involves just cleaning the exterior and interior of the car. Even when you are washing the car interior, you might remove some grime by vacuuming, but the car detailing takes the process much deeper. As there are a set of guidelines, you will get in touch with various terms and conditions that are included in the car detailing. The complete interior car detailing in Sydney from Creative Car Care comprises of

  • Vacuuming the carpets, upholstery
  • Wiping out the door jams
  • Cleaning the doors and windows
  • Cleaning boot or rear compartments
  • Rejuvenating the dash consoles and trims
  • Shampooing the seats and carpets

Know The Benefits Of Car Detailing?

The car detailing will bring your vehicle to its best condition. Here are some of the benefits of auto detailing that you should know-

  1. Car Value– keeping the car in good condition will help in restoring and enhancing the value of the vehicle. This is true in the case of old and classic vehicles. You cannot get the result that you want for your classic car with just simply washing the vehicle. You can only restore the value of the car by detailing.
  2. Protecting The Car– Another benefit that the auto detailing provides is that it adds protection from exterior elements. When a wax coat is applied to the car paint, it will protect the paint from oxidation.

Why Choose Creative Car Care for Auto Detailing Service

  1. Having 30 years of working experience in this field
  2. The prices are competitive
  3. Provide professional and quality services
  4. A long list of satisfied customers
  5. Provide top-quality products

Whether you want to have car detailing service or want to repaint your car, bring your vehicle to Creative Car care now!

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