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Creative Car Care Services

Car Washing and Car Polishing

The importance of washing and polishing your car is to preserve and protect the paintwork.

Car Interiors Trims and Car Seat Cleaning

Have a Professional clean your leather or vinyl interior trims. We also use machine shampoo to clean your seats and carpets.

Car Paint

Paint Correction is done for several reasons like fading or scratchy paint work.

Engine Washing Underbody Cleaning

We provide complete car engine washing and cleaning.

Car Underbody Washing

Cars, 4x4 and light vehicle underbody washing and cleaning.

Vinyl and Signage Removal

The importance of washing and polishing your car is to preserve and protect the paintwork.

Car Roof Lining Repairs

Supplying car roof linings or hood linings and repairs.

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Enhance your car like new again

At Creative Car Care we provide everything you are looking for when it comes to detailing your car. Creative Car Care can provide a wide range of services from car wash and cleaning to buffing, polishing, seats & carpet shampooing and engine degreasing or even underbody cleaning. Whether buying a new or used car or preparing to sell your older car we are here to help you. We can put life back into that faded paints and rectify paint scratches. So get the job done right the first time. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction when it comes to our service to you.


Magnum Ceramic Graphene Infused

The Magnum Ceramic Graphene infused coating uses the most advanced nanotechnology in the market. Our proven formula offers the highest professional-grade protection and a mirror-like shine.

Magnum Ceramic Graphene infused Coating forms a semi-permanent adhesion to the paintwork that cannot be washed off or removed by heavy cleaning chemicals, making it the most durable paint protection available and providing 4-year durability.

The Ceramic Coating offers anti-static properties ensuring treated surfaces are less prone to dust, and heat reduction resulting in less water spotting, Hydrophobic properties enable self-cleaning and are abrasion-resistant. Magnum Ceramic Graphene has been tested and certified to SGS 9H hardness rating.

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